Krista + Eric Celebrate 1 Year!

Ponte Temecula Wedding Planner When you come across such inspirational couples, they tend to leave a big imprint on your heart. This was definitely the case with Krista and Erik Bosshart, who are celebrating their 1-year anniversary on March 1st! I met them at Ponte Family Estate, where they shared their love story and let me into their world. With a date picked, the planning began! A few short months later, I learned that Erik would begin treatments for cancer and the wedding would need to be postponed. My heart was heavy, but I was confident that Erik would get through this and the wedding would go on! I was pleased to hear they would reschedule for March 1, 2014. Praying for a perfect day, God simply sprinkled His joyous tears on the couple that day with a little bit of rain. I always say that rainy, gloomy days, bring the best pictures, and this was definitely the case on this special day. I hope you enjoy these pictures and the inspiring story of a love that prevailed through trying circumstances.

Ponte Temecula Wedding Planner

Happy 1st Anniversary Krista and Erik! I will always hold a special spot in my heart for the two of you!

XO // Kelsey