#ThePrettyProject- A DIY Donut Bar

Temecula Wedding Planner There are certain things in life that just get me way too excited- the taste of anything chocolate, the building music in my pure barre class, the anticipatory feeling of a new travel adventure… and the fact that our very first feature in #ThePrettyProject is published on my all-time favorite blog, Style Me Pretty today!! But really, nothing beats Style Me Pretty!

I am still trying to figure out if this is real life.

You do not want to miss all the pretty on SMP here!

When Elyse Barton of Plum & Oak Photo and I came together to create #ThePrettyProject we had high hopes for it! We simply wanted to bring our fresh style and ideas to the masses. With a blanket laid out in a grassy field, we set to work creating a dreamy, affordable Donut Bar for any occasion. (And don’t think we weren't sneaking bites of anything!)

Temecula Wedding Planner

Here are all the items you will need to make this delicious setup come to life:

  • A throw blanket- We suggest a fun color and found ours at Target!
  • Plain or lightly glazed donuts (homemade or store-bought, 2 per person)
  • Mismatched china including bowls, cake stands, plates and platters of various sizes and heights. We went thrifting at the local Salvation Army store and found our gems!
  • Your favorite toppings (we used rainbow sprinkles, M&M's, shredded coconut, crushed Oreos, and melted semi-sweet chocolate… but we could have gone on, and on, and on…)
  • Seasonal flowers and greenery of your choice- Take a jaunt to your local farmers market- reasonable prices and amazing flowers- win, win!

Temecula Wedding PlannerTemecula Wedding Planner Temecula Wedding Planner

What better way to eat donuts than in a picnic setting? We couldn’t imagine it any other way. We carefully curated our mismatched pieces and filled a vase with eucalyptus and ranunculus we sourced locally. The colors popped and the toppings were so fun to play around with!

Temecula Wedding Planner

We suggest creating name cards for your toppings too! This is where you can have as much fun with it as you want! Because in our case, “Donuts- They Solve All of Life’s Problems!”

And pretties- we’ve created a template for you to make your own name cards too! You can find the templates here and here!

Temecula Wedding PlannerTemecula Wedding Planner

So we hope this encourages you to shop inexpensively and locally and create the donut bar of your dreams!

#ThePrettyProject: Pretty Inspiration for the Creative Folk and those that Want to Be

XO // Kelsey