Rocksbox + Two Sisters Farms

View More: I never knew how much I loved the farm life, until the sweet pig and animals at Two Sisters Farms chased me around endlessly for hours during a venue walk through last week. I could run around with them all day!

One amazing thing about this community of creatives I am apart of, is the friendships I’ve made, including Jenny at Two Sisters Farms and Jenna at Jenna Joseph Photography. During my trip to the farm with Jenna, I realized it would be perfect for an impromptu photoshoot for my new Rocksbox jewelry I had received! Jenna graciously pulled out her camera and got me to come out from hiding, where I’m most comfortable styling behind the scenes. She captured the beautiful pieces I had received and also snapped a couple of my animal friend. Too much cuteness.

Rocksbox is one of my new favorite discoveries! You can sign up for a small monthly fee and your own personal stylist will send you three pieces of jewelry, based on a short survey you fill out. You can borrow the jewelry for as long as you want, or purchase the pieces to keep forever, or send back any of the pieces you don’t like or don’t want. It’s perfect for the busy gal like me, who doesn’t make accessory shopping a priority!

As a special gift to my lovely followers, use the code “kelseyraedesignsxoxo” at checkout ( for a free month! It’s worth trying, I promise you that! Now get to accessorizing my friends! xo

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