A Beauty Concierge Service? What’s That?

I am so excited to be sharing my guest blogger, Katelyn, owner of E.C. Style Bar. She's going to share all about why hiring a beauty concierge is the way to go! She's the best + I know you will all love her!

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Leading up to your wedding, I am sure you have a checklist. Each time you are able to check off a part of the process, you do a little jig and feel an immense sense of satisfaction. I get it, there are very few things as satisfying as checking something off your list and you should be excited. Particularly I think while planning your wedding, because there seems to be a limitless amount of things you can plan for. 

  • Venue? Check!
  • Florals? Check!
  • Photography? Check!
  • Beauty services? Umm… oh crap.

This is a scenario I hear a lot, as a lot of brides don’t think about hair and makeup as a top priority in the planning process or they forget. Planning hair and makeup for the wedding day can be a whole beast in itself, as you have to consider the number of ladies getting hair and makeup, and then sifting through vendors endlessly trying to find someone that might fit yourself and your groups’ needs. This is all a major pain and a major time suck, which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about.

This is why I started Elwynn & Cass, LLC (aka E.C. Stylebar), a beauty concierge service that matches the artist to your occasion based on the experience you are looking for. My job as a beauty concierge is to take this stress off of you in the planning process. You tell me the experience you are looking for (how you want to feel and look) on the day of your wedding and I will match the best artist to yourself and your bridal party. That’s it. You don’t have to search through beauty vendors, you don’t have to schedule the timing of the day of for services, and you don’t have to organize a trial with the artists.

I take all of that stress and needless guesswork off of you and allow you to focus on the things that need your attention. Plus, without having to stress about organizing the hair and makeup for yourself and your wedding party, you can actually ENJOY the services and getting glammed up. And you know what’s the best part? The artists are personally matched to your wants and needs. No worrying about wanting a natural look and getting a boudoir diva or not having the artist achieve the hairstyle you are going for.

I love to get to know you, the bride, and really get a sense of you. Not just your wedding date, or the number of people in your party, but your personality. What you like to do for fun, what your style is, your favorite food, you get the gist. I love personal touches and on your wedding day, as well as, the whole process leading up to it, should feel personalized and unique to you. It is your day after all.

If you need hair and makeup for your wedding day, and want the experience to be completely personal and unique to you, give me a call. I would love to help any way I can!



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My name is Katelyn McCullough and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I moved to San Diego to attend University of San Diego, and after I graduated I decided to stay in San Diego to start my own business. My mother and myself started Elwynn & Cass, LLC (aka E.C. Stylebar), a beauty concierge service based in Southern California in 2015. We match the best artists for the client and/or occasion based on the experience they are looking for. We love personal touches and unique experiences, so we endeavor to bring that to each event and client we work with

Dressing with the Latest Trends from The Black Tux!

Each year brings new adventures, fresh starts, trends to chase, and of course, the much anticipated Pantone Color of the Year. 2017 is filled with greenery + weddings are no exception. If you are looking to double dip on style, and design a wedding of the year, lush plant life + lounge style seating go hand-in-hand. Nothing is more romantic than bringing the outdoors inside and sitting cozy next to the ones you love.

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Speaking of romance gentlemen, make your lady swoon this season with a perfectly fitted tux from The Black Tux. They have so many different styles (and colors!) to choose from and are always keeping up with trends to assure you look your best. I promise your honey’s heart will skip a beat when she sees the tux you are in. Want to get bold with a colored tux? Go for it. Because the best part about your greenery inspired wedding is that nature goes with everything.

the black tux

The Dress Theory has the most unforgettable styles that will compliment your earthy wedding while keeping you the center of the landscape. This, along with a dapper suit, make me want to swoon (anyone else?!).

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We can’t wait to see what our lovely couples are dreaming up for their look!